What Is The Role Of Brand?

- Jan 24, 2018-

(A) Brand - the embodiment of the core value of the product or business

Brand - consumer or user memory Product tools not only to the target consumer or user to sell, but also to make consumers or users through the use of the goods have a good impression, which repeated purchases, continuous publicity, the formation of brand loyalty, so that consumers Or user repeat purchase. Consumers or users through the brand, through the use of brand products, the formation of satisfaction, will form a consumer experience around the brand, stored in memory, forming the basis for future consumer decisions. Some enterprises have set a good image for their own brand, given a good feeling, or on behalf of a certain culture, the brand and brand products in the minds of consumers or users formed a good memory.

(B) Brand - Identify the product of the resolution

The establishment of a brand is due to the need of competition in identifying a seller's product or service. Brand design should be unique, distinctive personality characteristics, brand logo, text and other differences with competitors, on behalf of the characteristics of the enterprise. At the same time, different brands each represent different forms, different quality, different services, products, consumers or users can purchase, use to provide reference. Through the brand people can recognize the product, and choose according to the brand to buy. For example, when people buy a car there are several brands: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Santana, Ingle. Each brand of car represents a different product features, different cultural backgrounds, different design concepts, different psychological goals, consumers and users can according to their own needs, based on product characteristics to choose from.

(C) brand - the guarantee of quality and credibility

Enterprise design brand, brand creation, brand development is the hope that this brand can become a brand name, so work hard on product quality, service efforts. At the same time, brand representatives enterprises and enterprises must work hard on product quality from the perspective of long-term development, especially brand-name products and brand-name enterprises. Therefore, brands, especially well-known brands, represent the quality grade of a class of products and represent the credit of enterprises.

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