How Does Zipper Become Popular?

- Jan 25, 2018-

 Zipper was first applied to the sailors clothing, then how the zipper from the obscurity to quickly replace the buttons become the most popular clothing accessories?

 The story stems from a crash, history is often due to some accidental factors have been rewritten, the history of the zipper also confirmed this point. An air crash that shocked the world "saved" the dying zipper.

 Concorde in Paris was a thriving city, and carefully selected pilots boarded the state-of-the-art aircraft and aired for a large number of politicians and VIPs. However, when the plane made a few beautiful taxi but after another planted down, machine crash!

 After a careful analysis of the accident investigation team, evidence, it turned out that the pilot shirt dropped a button, and this button just rolled into the aircraft engine, thus causing an accident. The painful price of the French Defense Ministry issued an order not allowed in flight apparel buttons. Many European countries have followed suit and have spread to the United States of America across the Pacific.

 "We have hope!" Sen Beike about the incident determined that this is the opportunity to zip back to life, he immediately contact the Department of Defense, presented the most favorable price sew new uniforms pilots. Pilots wearing a new military uniform zipper, no doubt had a huge advertising effect. Army Navy also follow suit. Sebek lost no time in contact with the United States and even Europe's garment manufacturers, large-scale production without buttons and a zipper blouse, zipper survived, growing popularity.

 After World War I broke out, US military officials realize that military clothing zipper dress can improve the speed of the military, so they before the test equipment and pants zipper mouth pocket of clothing, a move that greatly welcome frontline soldiers . The 24,000 zipper uniforms produced in 1917 immediately sold out. In 1918, the United States fastened zippers on 10,000 flight suits.

 In 1924, the United States Goodrich Sen Beike from where to buy the patent and put into production, but also according to its opening and closing of the friction sound emitted from it a vivid name "Zipper", and design trademark zipper ZIPPER, so This product is protected by law.

 In the UK the same time, the British Prince of Wales first to wear a pants with a zipper instead of buttons, people have to follow, since then, the zipper began to enter the garment industry, and has become fashionable.

 But in women's clothing, zipper installation is still very difficult at the time, because women are the most taboo encounter embarrassing, they fear that they will skirt the door wide open at an inopportune time, so no woman dared to try to put on clothes with zippers on.

 In the mid 1930s, a beautiful and avant-garde fashion designer Xia Pareli designed a unique robes, then opened a "zipper" spring clothing show. The robes feature a striking zipper from the neck to the hem of the garment, and the model is very curvaceous in its appearance. Other ladies considered for 3 seconds resolutely choose regardless of danger, chasing zipper gown. Practice has proved that ladies fear that the use of zipper for clothes will lead to ugly completely unnecessary.

 Since then the zipper popularization in the United States soon, and fame more and more. Clothing, backpacks, skirts, shoes, sleeping bags, pillowcases, briefcases, laptops and other items are used on the zipper. Zipper is so popular.

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