Types of Sewing Thread

- Nov 27, 2017-

Common sewing thread types

1.Cotton sewing thread

Cotton thread strength, dimensional stability is better, excellent heat resistance, suitable for high-speed sewing and durable press, but its flexibility and wear resistance is slightly worse. In addition to ordinary soft cotton, but also through the sizing, waxing wax and mercerized silk processing. Wax light smooth, stiff, stable twist, in strength and wear resistance has improved, so that you can reduce the friction resistance sewing, suitable for stiff fabrics, leather fabrics or clothing need to heat high temperature sewing. The silky soft texture, yarn appearance plump, shiny, the intensity has improved, feel slippery, used for sewing high-grade cotton products.

2. Silk sewing thread

Silk has excellent gloss, soft touch, smooth surface, so the seam is smooth, heat resistance is better, its strength, flexibility are better than cotton. Silk can be a filament or silk yarn, usually used for sewing silk clothing, wool clothing, leather garments and other high-end products, including coarse silk thread for the sewing of wool clothing, used for keyhole, nail buckle, especially suitable for seizure line Filament thread is often used to sew thin satin material. As the high cost of silk suture, easy to wear when in use, winding on the cylinder easy to fall off and other disadvantages, except for the current use of silk and some high-end clothing sewing, the silk thread has been gradually replaced by the polyester filament.

3. Polyester sewing thread

Due to its advantages of high strength, good wear resistance, low shrinkage, good hygroscopicity and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance and insects, polyester yarn is widely used in garments of cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabrics Sewing in. In addition, it also has full color, color fastness, no fading, no discoloration, resistance to the sun and so on. Due to ample polyester raw materials, relatively low prices, good seaming, polyester sewing thread has been dominant in the sewing thread.

Polyester filament yarn, staple fiber and polyester elastic yarn several. Among them, polyester staple fiber is mainly used for sewing all kinds of cotton, polyester cotton, pure wool and blended fabric, is currently used a more widely used sewing thread. Polyester low elastic yarn commonly used in knitted garments, such as sportswear, underwear, tights, sewing. In addition, polyester and silk mixed fiber system