Men's designer how to choose linen

- Nov 27, 2017-

 Pure linen fabric is considered one of the most suitable natural fabrics for garments designed and produced for formal social occasions. In the traditional luxury goods industry, any non-natural fabrics are not on the surface, so for the Queen with a natural fiber, used to make clothing is undoubtedly used to show upscale. New application of linen fabric dreamer to teach you how to choose linen clothing men's fashion designer.

 Good fabric makes men's clothes upright, breathable skin, wearing lightweight, type. In the men's clothing designer, how designers will consider and choose linen fabric? Linen fabric dreamer to tell you.

 Daily fashion designers will first select the appropriate linen fabric based on the type of clothing (shirts, suits). Fabric weight has become a very important criterion, the weight from a professional point of view, generally referred to as "grams."

 Sewing men's linen shirt, usually choose 180 grams of linen fabric, of course, this is not absolute, but also according to the differences between the South and the northerners, as well as seasonal differences in the shirt, as well as style and so on to the occasion Make some appropriate changes in the choice of linen fabric weight. For example, casual beach linen short-sleeved shirt summer beach, the relative will be more light and elegant, so the choice of grams will be more lower.

 But if it comes to the design of linen suit, it is completely different situation. The general flax suits in the choice of flax fabrics in any case should not be less than 300 grams of weight, on the one hand the designer chose such a relatively thick linen fabric because: can be used in suits, suits and other clothing design process for the modeling Accurate expression. Quiet, calm, elegant, really need to rely on the fabric details to reflect.

At the same time, in the linen suit design, most flax suits are generally not lined with the purpose of enhancing the breathability and coolness of flax fabrics so that flax fabrics can better exert the advantages of their natural air conditioners. Of course, the choice of linen fabrics, the count is an important criterion, the greater the number of flax linen that washing more, which means it is more soft and smooth texture, high linen fabric count another benefit is that designers easily More complicated color combinations make fine fibers, bringing visual enjoyment with complex and elegant colors.