Edges of Woven Label

- Nov 29, 2017-

Woven label is divided into woven edge and cutting edge.

Woven edge woven label:

The process of woven edge label avoids many disadvantages of the cutting edge, but lower yield. There are also flat and satin distinction, characterized is soft. It is suitable for higher garment, such as fashion, suits, etc. Japanese manufacturers like to use this labels, and the machines are also produced by Japan. This label generally use satin material, but background color of satin is single, commonly used hot color or dyeing to solve this problem.

Cutting edge woven label: 

It is used dedicated high-speed machine, West German machine to produce. Like whole piece woven fabric, then follow the standard width cut into strips. Threads will stick to each other, not casual side when cut, because polyester has a heated melting characteristics. For this reason, look and feel will be affected. But if use ultrasonic cutting, it will be better.