The knowledge introduction of clothing printed care label

- Nov 26, 2017-

 What contents are included in the care label? It will mark the fabric composition and proper washing methods: such as dry cleaning / machine washing / hand washing, whether bleaching, drying methods, ironing temperature requirements, to guide the user to wash instructions. Of course, some water mark, but also printed clothing brand manufacturers logo, contact information and so on.

 What is the material of the printing wash label?Commonly used which kind of material? Ribbons, tapes and cotton tapes are the most commonly used materials for printing wash label. Wash label has different materials, used to match different product information. Commonly used are Nylon, Polyester, Acetate, blended (TC), cotton and non-woven fabrics. At the same time, in order to enhance the sense of value and diversity of products, there are Full-dull Fabrics, Sem-dull Fabrics, Bright Fabrics and Pearl Finished Fabrics.

 Trademark cloth is suitable for different printing methods, the cloth is also coated with different chemical raw materials or resins, this processing procedure can ensure that the fabric is good in ink absorption during printing and is easy to dry and not easy to decolorize or fade, and washable and Not scattered edge, its various characteristics must be fully in line with international standards.

 Was the wash label/care label woven?Wash label/care label generally uses printing process, but there are also some are woven process. Well-known trademarks in Guangzhou YiLang Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. has done a few batches woven wash label/care label.

 Famous trademark in Guangzhou YiLang Garment Accessories Co., Ltd, with screen printing, flexo, rotary printing, pressure, oblique pressure printing, ultrasonic shear folding and other equipment, shipping speed, high-end quality.

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