What is woven label?

- Nov 25, 2017-

 Woven Label/weaving Mark is a clothing accessories products, also known as trademarks.

Weaving Mark is divided into two kinds of woven and trimming.

 Fabrics Cloth: When the need for a one-time width of the trademark need to point out, called the weaving trademark. This process avoids the many disadvantages such as trimming, but the yield is very low. Weaving Mark also has a flat / satin points, characterized by soft touch. More suitable for higher apparel products, such as fashion, suits, Japanese manufacturers are more concerned about the quality of the most used, the machine is also done in Japan pay attention to. Standard woven satin standard superscript, but difficult to express the background of satin, the commonly used hot color / dyeing process to solve this problem.

 Weaving machines are generally wood shuttle machine and crochet machine two.

 Wood shuttle machine (including Taiwan wood shuttle machine, Japan wood Shuttle machine points), Features: The trademark is woven from the machine after it is a complete one, so the edge of the package edge, weft yarn is the same color from start to finish, Together, feel soft. Disadvantages: low productivity, the color can be used only five kinds of the following.

 Crochet machine, the same can weave the quality of various processes, and even can be added to the warp yarn transparent polyester yarn, called fish crochet machine. Characteristics of the same wood shuttle machine trademark, but non-shuttle machine, but knitting, so weft more tight, strong. Multi-color for the hot stamps, the use of warp and weft of different characteristics of the floor by the high temperature transfer and color. This type of product trademark higher cost. In addition to the cost of cloth standard width, the total length of color, technology-related, there is the type of yarn used. JB series of yarn is commonly used internationally.

 Trimmingcloth standard: The machine used for the West German machine. As the name implies, in a dedicated high-speed machine, woven like a woven fabric, and then cut into strips according to the standard width. Due to the heat-melting properties of the polyester, the yarns stick to one another when they are cut, and they do not scatter. It is also because of this reason, the appearance and feel will be affected to some extent, a good machine will be better, with ultrasonic cutting than ordinary electric knife will be better. Stripe cloth standard, can be sent directly to the garment processing plant; if the requirements are strict, still need to cut processing. Because the maximum width of this machine is 20.8cm, that is to say we can weave out the mark of this width, we can also produce a variety of shapes.

 According to the craft classification can be divided into two kinds of flat standard and satin standard.

 Flat cloth standard: Cloth cloth, such as cloth structure, a simple interweaved by a weft known as a simple plane standard. In general, the warp yarn is fixed, or black, or white, so there are black flat and white points, light-colored background standard, the general use of white, dark with black flat. Cloth marked patterns and colors are mainly weft to express the expression of the color should be different with warp cross-effect is not the same, but different. Due to the general use of weft types of machines are limited, it can express the color will be limited, generally less than 8 species. From the above we can see that the price factors are: cloth standard width, that is, the amount of warp; cloth standard length, and the color along the length of the direction. In order to more express the details and colors, the weft are doubled, called double-sided standard, if a sample color needs more three-dimensional sense, plus a heavy yarn, called the shuttle. In addition to washing and size, most of the plane using double-sided standard. Cloth standard yarn are to express the pattern, certainly different from the original graphic design, it is not a sample to confirm the impossible to make large goods.

 Satin Cloth: Cloth, are the intersection of the latitude and longitude, in addition to weft can be doubled to improve the quality, there is double through the warp, this process is the satin structure. 

 By doubling the warp, the cloth's texture becomes soft and smooth. Because the warp doubled, the density is too high, the weft can not express the pattern well, the bottom color can not be done very flexible. Only through the process to show a certain color requirements. A machine set to do the plane or satin, is generally relatively fixed. Trimming the general width of the satin can not exceed 10.8CM, weaving the general will not exceed 5.0CM.