The quality identification method of clothing woven label

- Nov 13, 2017-

  First of all, it is not wrong to look at the text of the weaving pattern. The size of the text of the pattern is not correct. Get a weaving mark, the first thing is to see the pattern and text of the content is not wrong, of course, this low-level error is generally seen in the model out, the finished goods to the customer Time is not wrong. Then the next is to look at woven woven fabric pattern mosquito is fine. The effect of each graphic is the same as that of the original or the original artwork, which shows that the woven label is very successful because it can meet the customers' requirements from the graphic. If the above are not in the graphic to get the ideal renderings, then the woven label is unqualified, for the customer this is a defective, defective when no one is willing to accept.

  Weaving Mark is not just a graphic to meet customer requirements, but also in size to meet customer requirements, woven label itself is very small, the size of the pattern is sometimes accurate to 0.05 mm, if slightly larger 0.05 mm, then this Weaving Mark and the original contrast on the aliasing. So for a small woven label is concerned, not just to meet the needs of customers in the graphic above, but also to meet the size of the above customers.

  Second, look at the color of woven label, the color is generally selected Pantone color. Color control inside are the original color or design draft Pantone color number, color color number, Xiaobian feel nothing special instructions, can only rely on personal senses to judge.

  The third is to see the density of woven label. Weaving density refers to the weft density, weft density, the higher the quality of weaving Mark. Weft refers to the number of yarns in a one-centimeter woven label. If the more delicate yarn, weaving the woven label to the more sophisticated, fine weaving Mark, the brand is very high, is a high-end weaving Mark, specializing in the production of such fine high-weaving Mark.

  Fourth, look after the process of weaving Mark. After the process generally have eager to cut (hot knife cutting), over cutting (ultrasonic cutting), cut off (cut one by one, then left and right to the inside of the folded around 0.7CM), fold (symmetrical fold up) Is to put a square woven label into an irregular pattern shape, such as the weave is the case, is to use a knife or laser gun to leave it a model), paste (that is, put the woven label with milky white The pulp bucket inside the Cham look, after weaving woven or dried, such as weaving marks above the pulp dry, woven Mark will become some tough), the lock edge (that is, Prevent future casual).

  After these processes determine whether weaving pass after the processing section clearance. Which customer after the election process, whether to meet the post-processing requirements, such as eager to reach the front mark woven do not cut his hand. Can not be over-cutting edge. Need to cut both sides of the neat, not skewed. Folding need to be symmetrical, not a long one short. Form must be cut in accordance with the pattern, can not cut the pattern. Some pulp process requirements After the end of the pulp, weaving Mark can not be too hard, you need to paste the pulp to put people less, put more water, so that some thin water. Lock edge is not allowed to lock the lock line to the pattern.