Clothing accessories from the product to the brand change

- Oct 30, 2017-

At present, the accessories and clothing industry, compared to the development of the garment industry, most of the accessories industry is only playing the "edge industry" role, by the edge of thinking, the development of accessories industry to a certain extent has been limited, one of the most important is that Brand of the whole "aphrodisiac". In foreign countries, many enterprises in the accessories industry in the brand building has a great breakthrough to weaving Mark logo on behalf of the European accessories business, for example, although the scale is not large, but its accessories products rich variety of color, rich sense of design , The details of the grasp in place, as well as the understanding of accessories products profound. Small to a small weaving mark trademarks, tag, wash the standard, which can be seen in the clothing on the clever application of accessories, both fully embodies the design of clothing designers wisdom and inspiration, but also fully embodies the fashion of clothing personality.