What is the water in the watermark?

- Oct 30, 2017-

1. ordinary wash (clothing wash) general wash that ordinary washing

General wash can be divided into light general wash, general wash, heavy Pu wash. Usually light general wash for 5 minutes or so, general wash for 15 minutes or so, heavy general wash for 30 minutes or so, (this time is not accurate), these three kinds of washing method has no obvious boundaries.

Trademark water mark

2, stone wash / stone (stone wash) stone wash in the water to add a certain size of pumice

This will make pumice and clothes polished, grinding the water level in the tank to fully penetrate the low water level, so that pumice can be a good contact with clothing

3, enzyme wash (enzyme wash) enzyme is a cellulase

It can be a certain ph value and temperature, the fiber structure of the degradation, so that the fabric can be more mild fade, faded hair (produce "peach skin" effect), and get a lasting soft effect. Can be used together with stone or stone, if used in conjunction with the stone, usually called enzyme stone wash (enzyme stone wash).