The production process of packaging

- Jul 13, 2018-

 Packaging production is not an indispensable part for a manufacturing enterprise. The functions of packaging mainly have two aspects: 1. The protection of goods; 2. Brand promotion, that is, the mediation of goods, that is, attracting consumers’ attention. Let consumers understand the goods, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding sales and occupying the market. The role of packaging is so important, so how to make it?

First, clear needs

 1. According to the understanding of the product by the designer, determine the scope of the packaging cost, and determine the packaging method accordingly;

 2. If it is a product of a new product line, the product packaging method can be determined according to market research, and the cost range of the entire packaging module can be estimated; specific to the product in the main map, it can be concluded that the product packaging method has been determined, then the next step is based on The actual product size determines the size of the product's outer packaging.

Second, the design

 Packaging design needs to reflect product characteristics to attract consumers' attention and promote sales. So where should it be achieved?

 1, determine the size:

 The size of the outer packaging is determined according to the size of the product; in order to design the aesthetics of the packaging, it is important to determine the size. Dimensional requirements: Placed in a size that exhibits product characteristics. The size ratio should be beautiful, generous, and placed in the store to attract the attention of consumers, increase and increase the conversion rate.

 2. Draw a die model according to the determined size;

 3. According to the die diagram, determine the size of the design tile, note that this size needs to contain bleeding;

 4. In the design of the size tile map for the creative design of the plane, the drawings are divided into front and back

 Note: The die and design tiles are best divided into different layers.

Third, the output

 Provide accurate documents to facilitate the smooth follow-up process.

 1. Export the design draft to a jpg image, which contains the design tile pattern + knife pattern + size. The accuracy is not too high for the demand side to use the manuscript (determine text elements, etc.).

 2. Provide design source files (ai files) for use by the printer. Design and use of software: adobe illustrator printing plant will use the design source file to the following aspects: design tile map ---> for printing copper plate gravure knife pattern ---> make knife die.

Fourth, auxiliary work

 1, can provide material requirements, the demand can be based on the material requirements + size + printing process you provide for the inquiry of different printing suppliers to select the right price supplier. The supplier may be required to provide a ladder price at the time of inquiry. What is the ladder price? Simply put, each product is printed and printed in different quantities, and the cost is reported by the quantity. Because the cost of each printed document opening is fixed, the more the number of printing, the cheaper the unit price.

 2, product batch packaging design products are to have a channel to the store, the transportation of the channel needs to use the bulk packaging box. According to the products in the title map, it is also necessary to use the P O bag to dispense the product. For example: This product is small, according to channel sales experience according to 500PCS / box of products, then you can 50 PCS / 1P O bag, 10 bags / box. Calculate the length × width × height size of the batch box according to the volume of the above packing, and draw the expanded view of the batch box according to the size, and mark the size. (Cutter pattern, size inner diameter, outer diameter can be). It is not allowed to use the nailing process for exporting foreign trade bulk containers.

 3. After completing the above work, follow the requirements of a production line packaging guide: single product factory production line packaging guidance guide + batch product packing instructions.

 4. Completed.