The Definition of Logo

- Jun 28, 2018-

 When it comes to logos and corporate image, many people have their own set of explanations. What is a logo? In fact, the word is short for logotype. In the past, it was a company's signature or symbol. The word originated in Greek: logos, meaning "words." In the context of graphic design, literal symbols are often used to refer to the company's name. If the logo has no text, we call it "symbols," but the symbolic patterns used to communicate (such as traffic signs or signage) are actually "pictographs" if a logo is only typefaced. Composition, they can be called lettermarks, wordmarks, or monograms. Usually these words are expressed in the form of initials or acronyms. Of course, the full name of the company can also be used. . When the symbolic pattern and the word mark are combined together, what we call "combination marks". Any of the above forms of marks, if registered or protected by law, are called "trade marks." In the publishing industry, many people use a masthead to communicate the name of the publisher, but the exact name (especially for newspaper headlines) should be "nameplate" or "banner", while masthead one. The exact meaning of a word is the text that lists the name of the publisher, the owner’s name, the employee’s form, and the address phone. For the sake of narrative convenience, we use the word “logo” below to represent the company’s symbol and “header” to represent the publishing industry.