Logo design

- Jun 28, 2018-

 Logo design, the name of a design, refers to an act of designing a logo for a product, business, website, etc., for its own subject or activity. There is also a book of the same name.

 LOGO is a trademark, which plays a role in the identity and promotion of the logo company. Through the logo of the logo, consumers can remember the corporate body and brand culture. The logo design is also a variety of types, including text logos, graphic logos, image logos, and logos that incorporate slogans.

Graphic LOGO

 The graphic logo is composed of dots, lines, and irregular graphics. Create new graphics, and this set of graphics does not exist in life.


 Font logo refers to the use of Chinese, English, Arabic numerals after the artistic design and beautification.

Image LOGO

 An image logo refers to an image made up of animals, people, plants, and geometric figures, and this set of images is suggestive of something. And this set of images is real in real life.