How zippers work?

- Apr 07, 2018-

 A zipper is a retractable, pull-openable, two flexible, intermeshable connection that can also be called a zipper. One of the most important and greatest inventions in the world for more than one hundred years, single-head closing, double-headed closing, and double-headed tailing are common zipper forms. The teeth have different sizes and different tooth shapes. The shape of the pull head is ever-changing. It can be used as a handle or decoration. The slider can also be insured. When the zipper is pulled, it will not automatically slide open: the action of the two zipper belts through the slider, so that they can be freely pulled or pulled open is the working principle of the zipper, that is, a variety of matching The two fastener tapes can be freely pulled or pulled apart by the action of the slider. When the slider is moved forward, the fastener elements on the two fastener tapes are limited by the shape of the closing angle of the fastener's internal cavity. Pushed so that they regularly engage with each other, which forms a closed state of the zipper. When the slider is pulled to the top of the zipper, the width after the closing of the upper stop is larger than the width of the narrowest part of the inner space of the slider, and the slider is limited, so that the slider does not fall off from the chain belt. When the pull head is pulled backwards, due to the splitting angle (dihedral angle) composed of the two cylinder surfaces of the pulling body column of the pull head, the tooth front and the tooth valley of the element teeth are separated one by one, so that the two element teeth are separated. With separation. When the pull head is pulled to the bottom of the chain, the width of the lower stop is larger than the width of the opening of the inner cavity of the slider to limit the position, so that the slider does not come off from the chain belt.

 People have judged zippers as the top ten inventions that changed the 20th century. In 1893, the United States engineer Judson used the principle of embossing and tooth misalignment to design a quick-sliding closing system, which is the early zipper. It has changed the concept of traditional connections for thousands of years. In 1912, Sweden's Sendbake improved the invention by designing a set of mother teeth on the back of the zipper teeth to make the zipper buckles stronger and more reliable. Like many new things that are not always accepted by people, zippers are widely known through the use of military uniforms. After 1931, zippers began to be used worldwide and their use was also applied in many other industries. The total length of zippers produced every year in the world now exceeds 400,000 kilometers.


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