Buttons are more than just fasteners on clothing

- Apr 08, 2018-

 In our traditional concept, the button is just an ordinary fastener on the garment, which plays the role of connecting all parts of the garment. With the development and progress of society, this concept is slowly changing in our minds. Today, the meaning that people give to buttons has gone far beyond the buttons themselves. When we do costume design or other object design, we will often incorporate buttons into it. The seemingly simple ornament shows us a good design effect.

 In daily life, because of the rush of many people always wear the wrong button when wearing clothes, the situation of inaccurate or deducted is also happening. Sociology once called this phenomenon "the first button effect." In our journey of life, each of us is facing many, many "first." When we do every kind of work, every thing, we will determine a basic point, and this is the "first button." This "first button" is like the beginning of our life. We will take the wrong first step. Then we will make mistakes. We can have a vigorous life and a fair life. No matter how we live, we can find the direction in which we can move on. The key to life is to lock your goals in the right direction. No matter what the baseline or what kind of mentality, the path to our dream is to let us pursue it for the rest of our lives.

custom design metal button