Features of Embroidery

- Apr 13, 2018-

Embroidery is a technique that we often come into contact with to express pattern marks on cloth.

Embroidery is widely used in clothing, embroidering in knitted garments and embroidering on denim garments are popular methods.

The computer embroidered with ordinary embroidery, the cost is related to the number of needles (only a professional factory can analyze the number of needles, non-professionals can not distinguish with the naked eye), related to the use of primer.

There are also towel embroiders, which are characterized by surface effects such as towel loops and have a good affinity, but the production speed is slow. There are also double-sided towel embroidery.

There are also three-dimensional embroidery, plus bubble cotton, so that the pattern is three-dimensional, NIKE used.

The quality lies in the quality of yarns and machines.

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