Features of Wooden Buttons

- Apr 06, 2018-

 The wood button has a natural wood texture, which is very simple and natural, and its appearance is rough, which is in stark contrast to the high gloss of the plastic buttons. Therefore, these buttons are matched with hemp fabrics or plain casual wear, and at the same time, they can satisfy some of the people with their unconventional and unconventional aesthetic habits. The main component of the wood button is lignin, which is highly resistant to organic solvents and can be used as a dry cleaning agent that can be dry cleaned together with clothing. The deadly disadvantage of timber buttons is its water absorption. Because of the strong water absorption of wood fiber, once it is wet, or when it is thrown into water, it will quickly absorb water, expand, and when it is dry, it may crack, deform, or become rough, and it is easy to hook clothing. fiber. In order to overcome the shortcomings of timber buttons, the selection of materials should pay attention to choose wood dense, long growing period, old trees or parts. After the buttons are polished, the surface is treated with a high-quality varnish and all water-absorbing pores are sealed. Buttons that have been treated in this way can prevent water absorption problems.

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