How to distinguish the materials of button?

- Feb 20, 2018-

Buttons common materials can be divided into metal buttons (copper, iron, alloy), plastic (resin, plastic), natural (shell, wood, coconut shell, bamboo).

Other materials: such as hand-made cloth buckle, mixed materials: cloth buttons, leather buttons, as well as acrylic latches buttons, all kinds of information to be made into buttons, the process is not the same.

Some buttons look the same appearance, even with the eyes of the industry also do not have the same can be clearly divided, so destroy, scratch the jacket talent can be divided.

Buttons distinguish between plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic (including all types of plastic) button is usually made of cast, so the button edge of the town has a line, the mold line, some workshops to In the subsequent processing to the loss of this line, but his weight will be lighter than the resin (of course, some extraordinary plastic will be heavy). Resin buttons are mechanically carved and polished, so there is no full mold line, very bright. However, he was fragile, easily scratched appearance, will be softened in boiling water.

How to distinguish between copper buttons and iron buttons ?: Copper and iron buttons, the use of magnets to try to know, but also effective scrape the outer surface of the hard coating, copper buckle in the brass (gold). Iron buckle is black, this is the color of the original data.

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