Magical effect in the clothing-Vinegar

- Feb 15, 2018-

 Vinegar is a condiment, in addition to eating more than the outside, in many other aspects of the role.

1. In addition to the smell socks washing socks, the water drops a few drops of vinegar, to remove the odor. Note Wash light color socks should be quickly scrub, rinse immediately with water to avoid staining.

2. To prevent the white silk yellowing Add some white vinegar in the rinse water, to maintain the true nature of white silk fabric, to prevent yellowing.

3. remove the stains on the clothes will be eating rice vinegar smear on the black hair dye clothing, after about 10 minutes and then use soap to clean, the stains will be washed quickly, and without leaving any traces.

4. so that the new furniture with half a cup of water added about 1/4 of water vinegar, with a soft cloth dipped in this solution to wipe wood furniture, furniture can reproduce the luster.

5. Clean gilded frame cotton swab dipped in vinegar carefully wipe gilded picture frame can make the old picture frame replay glory.

6. In addition to bronze fouling bronze used for a long time, the surface will produce a layer of dirt, vinegar over it again, dry and then rinse with water to make it back to light.

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