How to collect knitted clothes?

- Feb 23, 2018-

 Cashmere sweater, cashmere pants and rabbit sweaters and so on. Are well maintained warm knitwear. Such clothing is worn with the body. Smooth lines. One mohair sweater, Angora rabbit sweaters expensive, is a high-level clothing. Such clothing should not be worn close to the skin, can not be in direct contact with the body to prevent the pollution of secretions. Such clothing organization loose structure, do not pull hard. Prevent deformation, damage. If there is a hole, it is necessary to promptly repair, to prevent the opening to expand the hole, not only affects the appearance will result in loss. In the new cashmere sweater when wearing, easy to play small pellets, which is due to the short hair exposed, friction caused by the curl caused by falling as long as the floats will be able to smooth out, not hard-drawn, hard-drawn will make long Wool fiber pulled out, more and more, finally make clothes out of the hole. Wear contact clothes to choose a smooth texture, so you can reduce the ball appears.

 Such clothing is extremely easy to get rid of insects, so long-term collection should be carried out a dry cleaning, and then can be folded or hanging storage. And in the suitcase or wardrobe into the moth agent to prevent moth-eaten. White fleece in order to prevent the contamination of different colors, white cloth or paper can be used to wrap it. But not available plastic bags. Due to the plastic bag is impervious to air, it is easy to make the fleece mildew or stain. Such clothing in packing, should be placed on the upper, to prevent the pressure, so as not to lose the warm Paul warm performance. Some stored sweaters or sweaters, when in use can be used along with the fur hair brush hair pulled up after the wear, so that the coat back to full state, showing the original style.

 The crumpled knit clothing carefully leveling the original shape, placed in a cool place to dry, easy to make the sun deterioration of clothing, yellow, so that its life expectancy shortened. If long-term preservation, should minimize the use of sealed plastic bags to save underwear, clothing, long-term closures likely to cause mold. Avoid camphor and other insecticides together, so as to avoid loss of elasticity of the fabric and elastic. Hair underwear should not be humid, should be used with desiccant.

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