How to distinguish between printing, embroidery and jacquard?

- Dec 06, 2017-

1, printing

Printed finger weaving, the pattern printed again, a reactive printing and general printing points.

2, Offset printing paper

Is a transfer material. It is different from other direct screen printing (printing), easy to use, just the offset printing paper pattern on the fabric (cloth) or the surface of the object being transferred, and then use heat press (or iron) A few seconds after pressing, the pattern will be directly transferred on the object.

Offset printing paper can replace the traditional embroidery and printing, but the cost is lower than the average embroidery and multicolor printing sets. Apparel manufacturing plant, the use of very convenient. Because only the pre-designed heat transfer to semi-finished products (cut pieces) or finished products (clothes), fast and proper, without the printing plant processing.

Offset printing paper is widely used for clothing, doll, T-shirt, cap, shoes, gloves, socks, bags and leather products, plastic products, wood products, etc.

3, embroidery

Embroidery refers to the texture is woven, the pattern is embroidered on the machine (under normal circumstances), compared with the printing, the washing will not fade. Breathable and good hygroscopicity.

4, At present, there are many embroidery plate-making softwares such as Tajima Island, Mountain Non-shuttle Version, Wilkum, BEHRINGER, Fu Yee and Skywood.

5, jacquard:

Jacquard refers to the pattern on the fabric refers to the weaving, with different colors of yarn woven up, compared to the embroidered fabric, the cost of higher cost, better quality, breathable performance

The difference between printing and jacquard

Printed fabric is cloth well, and then printed on the flowers, you can have a variety of options

Jacquard fabric is woven when weaving up, cloth forming can no longer choose to spend