Can you identify the various logos on your children's clothing?

- Dec 07, 2017-

Trademark and Chinese factory name site

 The manufacturer clearly marked the trademark and the factory name of the site, that is, established its responsibility for the product. This is one of the important evidence that consumers protect their legal rights and interests. On the contrary, there is no indication of trademarks and Chinese factory name of the site of the product, most likely informal products or counterfeit products manufacturers, the price is generally lower, consumers are easily deceived, remember not to choose such products.

Clothing number logo

 Clothing specifications code refers to the number logo, and the height of the consumer, fat and match, select the appropriate type size clothing, to wear comfortable. Number and type are usually separated by a slash, such as the upper 145/68, said for height 145cm, bust 68cm or so children wearing. Children's clothing to buy, according to the characteristics of children's growth and vitality and lively nature of children, generally should choose a little more relaxed clothes, in order to facilitate the growth of children.

Ingredient identification

 Mainly refers to the clothing fabric, lining material identification, a variety of fiber content should be clear and correct. Filled clothing should also indicate the composition and content of the filler.

Washing symbols of the graphic symbols and instructions

 General manufacturers according to the choice of fabrics, will be marked accordingly garment washing requirements and maintenance methods, consumers can be based on the washing and maintenance methods provided by the manufacturer for washing and maintenance, such as quality problems, the factory should bear the responsibility. Conversely, if consumers do not follow the manufacturer's explicit method of washing problems, consumers should take full responsibility.


 Product with or without product certification, product implementation of the standard number, product quality levels and other logos.

 Children's wear permanent logo should be made of soft materials, and sewn in the appropriate area, should be taken to avoid direct sewn in contact with the child's skin to prevent friction due to damage to children's skin.

 In addition, if the product is marked with formaldehyde content, 0-24 months of infants and young children clothing should be <20mg / kg, children over 24 months of age wearing clothing contact skin type <75mg / kg, non-contact skin type <300mg / kg.