What Kind Of Button Can Not Be Used In Children's Clothing?

- Mar 12, 2018-

 When the garment is fastened to the fitted size, the circumference of the hood and neck strap must not exceed 15 cm. If the button is used for clothing, it resembles food in shape. The child will bite and swallow. In the absence of parents' attention, it is very easy to have a dangerous situation. Like some sharp objects used in clothing, they will like to pull, bump, it is easy to cause danger. For children's clothing, safety issues are of particular concern to us.


Under the premise of technical excellence, the new generation of products has not only changed rapidly in appearance, but also greatly improved the functions of the products. Nowadays, a new delineation has been made. When there are two or more rigid sector buttons on children's clothing, children's clothing under the age of 3 and under cannot be raised. The size of the drawstrings on the necks of large boys and teenagers' hoods shall be such that when the garments are laid flat to their maximum width, the hoods and necks shall not have raised ribbons. When the garment is laid flat to the maximum width at the waist and hem at the hem of the children's clothing, the length of the pull rope at each point should not exceed 7.5 cm. Why are the restrictions imposed on the shape of today's buttons?

For children, it is impossible to distinguish the danger of an item. Under the supervision of various regulatory departments, the production of children's clothing is very strict and does not allow a little mistake. Not only that, when the button's color or shape is similar to some foods, it is not applied to children's clothing.

As early as before, there were many places where children’s clothing production requirements were issued. For example, there is a clear delineation of the children's wind caps and the drawstring specifications of the neck, and the hood of the child's coat is not allowed to use the pull belt.

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