What Is Modal Fiber?

- Dec 31, 2017-

 Modal products because of its own good flexibility and good hygroscopicity, but the characteristics of poor fabric stiffness, and now mostly used in the production of underwear. Modal knit fabric is mainly used for making underwear. However, modal silver has a shiny, excellent dyeability and bright color after dyeing characteristics, enough to make it become the coat used. Because of this, Modal is increasingly becoming a material for garments and decorative fabrics. In order to improve the shortcomings of pure modal products, poor rigidity, Modal can be blended with other fibers, and can achieve good results. JM / C (50/50) can make up for this shortcoming. Blended fabrics woven with such yarns make the cotton fibers more compliant and improve the appearance of the fabric. Modal woven fabric in the process can also reflect the process of weaving, but also other fibers can be interwoven with the yarn, which weave a variety of fabrics. Modal products in modern clothing has a vast development prospects. Modal fiber characteristics Modal fiber dry strength close to the polyester, wet strength than conventional viscose increased a lot, luster, softness, hygroscopicity, dyeing, color fastness are superior to pure cotton products; made with it The fabric, showing a shiny silk, with a pleasant soft touch and drape feeling and excellent wear resistance. Modal with labels like woven label, metal label, embroidery label, woven patch, rubber label, will be better,

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