What Is Environmental Protection Clothing?

- Dec 13, 2017-

 In the 21st century, with the improvement of the quality of consumption and the promotion of environmental awareness, the choice of environmental protection apparel has become the rational demand of consumers, and environmental protection apparel has become the "new favorite" of the fashion industry.

 About what is environmental protection clothing? Environmental protection clothing refers to the use of natural fiber raw materials (such as cotton, linen, silk), printing and dyeing and clothing accessories products (such as leather label, rubber label, woven label, woven patch, hang tag, metal plate, etc) Harmless to the human body chemicals, Halogenated dye carrier and other harmful substances, eliminating the use of 22 kinds of carcinogenic intermediates and the corresponding more than 100 kinds of fuel additives, paints and more than 10 kinds of harmful heavy metals and clothing.

 With cotton, silk, cloth made of clothes you may see more, but the clothes made of wood pulp have you seen? Recently, at a high-tech conference, a wood pulp as a raw material Into the clothes into a mysterious veil.

 According to the introduction, the clothes' fibers are extracted from wood pulp and 100% natural biodegradable. Wood pulp is obtained from artificially planted woodlands, and 99.5% of the solution can be recovered and recycled during the fiber refining process. The remaining waste can be further decomposed in the area of the purified plant, And water than the average clothes to save more than 90%, excellent environmental protection.

 The reporter saw that the appearance of the clothes and ordinary clothes is not much difference, but touch the clothes, feel more supple and comfortable, the clothes more smooth and full surface. "The fiber is a revolutionary invention, refined by the solution spinning process, where 99.5% of the solution can be recovered and recycled during the fiber refining process and the remaining waste can continue to decompose in the area of the purified plant "

 The person in charge said the study found that the use of wood pulp as raw material Tencel fiber clothes have excellent moisture absorption function, can absorb more than 50% of cotton than water, can effectively reduce bacterial growth, "with wood pulp Tencel fiber clothes made of raw materials, does not contain any harmful substances, not only for adult clothing, even the baby's clothing can be assured.

 It is reported that the environmentally friendly wood pulp fabric yesterday's debut yesterday, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign fashion industry, including many well-known brands at home and abroad are the clothes and the production of fabrics, clothing accessories have a great interest. Officials said that it uses lower cost materials, more favored by consumers, bringing more natural environmental clothing materials market demand.

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