Clothing Hang Tag

- Dec 14, 2017-

 Mention of clothing hang tag, we are no stranger to. From the texture point of view, the production of hang tag materials are mostly paper, but also plastic, metal. In addition, in recent years there has also been a new tag made of holographic anti-counterfeiting material. And then from its modeling point of view, it is even more varied: a long strip, on the fold, round, triangular, pocket-style and other special shape, really colorful, an array of.

 Clothing hang tag design, printing, production must be very particular about, in particular, graphic design, to treat it as a small print ads to be careful to consider the following elements: the necessary ingredients and washing instructions, especially the washing instructions , Do not be too simple; For functional clothing such as down jackets, plastic underwear, warm clothes, etc. have detailed instructions, do not simply use a few standard washing icon to reflect.

 Detailed instructions can reflect the company responsible for the customer and considerate attitude; for complex instructions and guidance, you can use the legend form, or even use the cartoon to make, so vivid and innovative; you can properly use the pictures, such as supermodel dressed in the product Photos, giving people an intuitive feeling, so that consumers have a more profound impression of brand-name products, played a very good promotional role. With the increasingly prosperous apparel market, competition is bound to become even more intense. For brands and brand-name manufacturers, in order to protect their products from infringement of counterfeit and shoddy products, various anti-counterfeiting technologies can be used. This not only protects the interests of enterprises but also maintains The majority of consumer rights.

 In addition, the tag can also be printed on the thank you, the words of wish, giving a sense of intimacy; coupled with simple and elegant poems, moving the hearts of consumers; for seasons, consumer objects, product features, the logo design calendar, Bookmarks, greeting cards and other consumer favorite, cherish, appreciate the collection, a lasting advertisement.

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