Weaving Mark And Silk Screen Trademark?

- Dec 26, 2017-

 Garments often used trademarks are mainly woven Mark, Mark printing marks, silk screen trademarks, often seen in the clothes to buy clothes are trademarks of color woven and printed mark two materials are mostly woven and printed logo With different characteristics, here we come to understand how to distinguish between weaving mark and screen printing What are the differences?

 Weaving Mark are all yarn to express the pattern, woven out with the original graphic design differences, it is not a sample confirmed that it is impossible to make large goods. Fabrics cloth standard: When the required one-time mark in accordance with the width of the need to weave, known as weaving trademark. This process avoids many of the disadvantages of trimming, but yields less. The same plane / satin points, characterized by soft touch, very. More suitable for higher apparel products, such as fashion, suits and so on. Standard woven satin standard superscript, but difficult to express the background of satin, the commonly used hot color / dyeing process to solve this problem. A machine set to do the plane or satin, is generally relatively fixed. Trimming the general width of the satin can not exceed 10.8CM, weaving the general will not exceed 5.0CM.

 In addition to the cost of cloth standard width, the total length of color, technology-related, there is the type of yarn used. JB series of yarn is commonly used internationally.

custom woven label weaving trademark

Silk screen

 More suitable for high-quality high-volume printing paper, silk screen is a very flexible processing technology.

 Principle: The basic waxed paper, but not the same. A special screen printing screen. Direct printing. Inking thick.

 Features: Plate low cost, the basic can be suitable for any medium printing: paper, plastic, pvc materials, fabrics, glass and so on. For example, a small number of simple cloth trademark processing, but has obvious shortcomings, not very accurate, can not be four-color overprinting, even if the network is also a bit messy, of course, machine printing will be better than hand-printed. Commonly used silk screen processing accessories are: plastic tag, all kinds of skin card, all kinds of pvc standard, ribbon, special printing and so on. Silk screen and offset combination, you can also make special effects on the clothing tag.

 The application of screen printing is more flexible than the use of woven label, which can be used for paper tag, fabric label, ribbon printing label, PVC material, glass, etc. The production principle of woven label is the same as that of weaving, and the silk screen trademark is based on printing principle Printed in the cloth class, silk screen trademark looks more beautiful than the woven Mark trademark, the surface is more delicate and smooth, generally used for high-end clothing trademark.