Uniqlo Makes Green Doraemon A Global Sustainability Ambassador

- Mar 24, 2021-

 In order to better convey to consumers the brand’s emphasis and determination on sustainable fashion and environmental protection, recently, Japanese fast fashion giant Fast Retailing Group announced that it has found a very kawaii global sustainability ambassador for its Uniqlo brand. It's a very cute Doraemon!


 Doraemon, because of its positive energy, cute, funny character and image, is loved by small friends and many adults!

 Doraemon comes from the future. The small bags filled with all kinds of wonderful and high-tech products seem to be inexhaustible forever, and the round body makes people feel lively and pleasant. Our favorite Doraemon has become Uniqlo's global sustainability ambassador, which is really amazing.

 The original blue shell of Doraemon, who has become Uniqlo's sustainable development ambassador, has become green. Green symbolizes health, vitality, environmental protection, and sustainability. It is a very positive image that hides vigorous growth. . While Doraemon was green, in order to match it, Uniqlo's red LOGO has also been renewed and turned into a vibrant and elegant green.

 In the future, Uniqlo's sustainable development-related activities will be introduced by the green version of Doraemon, and the sustainable development-related LOGO will also adopt the green version in the future.

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