The Meaning Of Ironing Logo

- May 19, 2018-

 The final step in finishing your clothes is ironing. The clothes ingredients will show different effects at different temperatures. If there is a ripple under the ironing logo, it means that there is a need for a cloth when ironing, and if there are more vertical bars below, it means that ironing with a steam iron is required. Second, the iron's temperature tip is displayed by identifying the small dot above it. One point indicates that the iron temperature cannot exceed 110 degrees. Two points indicate that the maximum temperature of the iron cannot exceed 150 degrees. As for the three points, the maximum temperature is 200 degrees. Before you are ironing, be sure to see a few points in the end. Of course, natural fiber temperature resistance, choose a good temperature can be ironed, and chemical fiber is not temperature, easy to play from the aurora, even if the ironing should be low temperature is not good ironing.

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