The Design Of Packaging Bags

- May 29, 2018-

 Design of Packaging Bags: Embodying Product Features Attract Consumer Attention and Promote Sales

1, determine the size: according to the size of the product to determine the size of the packaging; why must the designer determine this size? Is it possible to hold this product on the line? Personally feel that in order to design the sense of beauty, size is an important thing. Dimensional requirements: Place the product under the dimensions that characterize the product. The ratio of size to appearance, generousness, and placement in the market can attract consumers' attention and increase and increase the conversion rate.

2, according to a certain size to draw a knife figure;

3, according to the die pattern, determine the design of the tile size;

4, in the design of the size of the tile plane creative design, the drawings are divided into positive and negative;

Note: Die pattern and design tiles are best divided into different layers.

 This document is neat and tidy, which facilitates the typesetting of the artwork of the printing factory later, and tries to group the design elements into one group. This can avoid falling of the design elements in the post-layout process and avoid rework.

custom design packaging bags