India-Mark And Weaving Mark Trademarks Of Those Things

- Oct 30, 2017-

Weaving Mark: is the car in the clothes, pants above, including text, letters, LOGO pattern cloth standard. Personality, characteristics, fashion is the most likely to show the performance of clothing designers, weaving mark trademark from the role of finishing touch. Computer weaving Mark application is very wide, popular all kinds of clothing, shoes and hats, home textiles, toys, handbags, luggage, tie the main standard, washing standard, size standard, decorative standard. Flexible processing, can be eager, ultrasonic and laser laser for a variety of width (1-20CM), add the lock edge, refined all kinds of badges, badges, armbands, badges, etc., in terms of technology has reached the level of synchronization in Europe and America. Anti-counterfeiting weaving Mark trademark is a special kind of yarn, weaving in the need for security parts, after ultraviolet radiation, the anti-counterfeiting parts of the logo and patterns can become red, yellow, green and other colors.