How Does Zipper Work?

- Jan 16, 2018-

 Zipper zipper teeth are the size of the points, toothed also have different, but the same zipper on the left and right sides of the fastener must be the same size. Zipper head shape rich in change, both for handle, but also for decoration. Zipper clothing can also be used as insurance, zipper zipper when the garment will not automatically slide open. Clothing zipper working principle is very simple, that is, two clothing zipper through the role of the slider, so that it can freely pull together or pull open, or is free to lock and open.

 The working principle of a zipper element of a garment is that each tooth is a small hook that can be matched with a hole under a small tooth on another tape next to it. Match the two fastener tapes, through the role of the slider can be freely pulled together or opened. When the slider moves forward, the fastener elements of the two fastener elements are restrained by the shape of the closing angle of the slider cavity, and are pushed so as to be regularly meshed with each other, thus forming the closed state of the garment zipper. When the slider is pulled to the top of the garment zipper, the width of the zipper is larger than the width of the narrowest cavity of the slider, thereby limiting the slider so that the slider does not come off the strap When the slider is pulled backwards, the teeth of the fastener element are separated one by one from the teeth valley due to the cleavage angle (dihedral angle) formed by the two cylinders on both sides of the slider body, Chain teeth with separation. When the slider is pulled to the bottom of the chain, the width of the upper and lower stop (also called the upper and lower yards) is larger than the width of the mouth of the slider inner cavity and functions as a limit stop so that the slider does not come off from the chain belt.

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