Creativity Of Denim

- Jan 15, 2018-

 Jeans in the early manufacturing are durable wear-resistant design, so the quality is very good. In the later development, this tradition was well preserved. Now denim apparel gradually out of the shabby practical path, and become a classic, heritage, fashion, quality synonymous.

 London nail polish brand Nails Inc launched this limited edition nail polish, denim tannins as a inspiration, with a bit of gloss indigo blue to create the color and texture of tannins, so that the fingers feel the classic denim decline.

denim nails inc

 The Belt Key Hooks are 100% handmade by Naked & Famous, Natural Tan and Black leather from the United States, and Brass Hooks are used for the metal hooks, so the material of high specification is only To create a beautiful Key Hooks, sometimes the brand image is more important than the sale.

leather belt key hook

 Guangzhou YiLang Garment Accessories Co., Ltd can custom leather belts and metal accessories like key hook and eyelets, please view our website-product catalogue for more information if you are interested in it.