Harmfulness In New Clothes

- Mar 26, 2018-

The pH is the amount of residual acidity in the fabric and is generally required in the neutral range. Since the surface of human skin is weakly acidic, this will help prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. If the pH in the garment exceeds the standard, the immune system of the human skin will be reduced. An intuitive manifestation is that some skin-sensitive groups, if wearing excessive pH clothing, can cause skin irritation or itching.

It is understood that there are many reasons for the excessive pH value. After the fabrics are processed by printing and dyeing, the enterprises are pursuing the maximization of profit, reducing the number of processes, and washing the containers without sufficient washing. At the same time, some neutralization measures have not been adopted, resulting in pH. The main reason for the value failure. Therefore, the production enterprises must attach great importance to the quality of garments and put the good fabric into the factory first, so as to reduce and eliminate the problem of pH unqualified.

When purchasing a new garment to go home, it is better to be able to rinse, dry, and wear it. Such an operation can reduce the acid and alkali remaining in the fabric, in addition to the bacteria adhered to the laundry during long-term logistics. Content to protect the skin from damage caused by excessive pH.