Computer Embroidery Is An Important Part Of Traditional Art Embroidery

- Oct 30, 2017-

With the development of the times, is widely used in clothing and daily necessities. Modern clothing pursuit of simple, simple, it is inevitable monotonous, computer embroidery of this exquisite craft embroidery on the fabric, just make up for this deficiency, to achieve refined and popular. The development of the times, the renewal of the knowledge structure and the change of the aesthetic concept will inevitably enhance the new demand for clothing.

The development of computer embroidery clothing, both need to be personalized and personalized. To create in line with the development of the era of clothing art works, is the modern fashion industry designers to pursue the goal. In China's profound culture of clothing in the ocean, computer embroidery is one of the dazzling spray, as a costume design art means, has been used for many years, and today's designers flexible application in the modern costume design, in addition to reflect the computer Embroidery itself is outside the charm.