What is heat transfer?

- Jan 10, 2018-

 The basic principle of heat transfer : first pattern printed to the pet film, or print to a specific paper, and then use this pattern with the film through the high temperature and pressure paste to the clothes, or other fabric surface, leaving the pattern, Tear off the waste film to complete the heat transfer process.Therefore, this way, it is called "heat transfer", also known as "heat transfer ." This hot stamping method, almost all clothing, all fabrics, the premise is to face different fabrics, have to take a different printing process. Especially the high elasticity racks cloth, the fabric itself is super-elastic, this time, if the gum coating is not properly selected, made into clothes to wear, outdoor activities, due to the violent physical stretching, sports, easy to crack pattern parts, Thus affecting the quality of clothes, the final reputation fell to the ground.

 Heat transfer, but also subdivided into plastic heat transfer and inkjet heat transfer. Glue heat transfer suitable for batch operation, you need to use a large four-color printing press to print, and then coated with adhesive. Plate fee and start-up costs are relatively high, usually at least 500 or more can use this process, otherwise the cost is too high. Inkjet heat transfer refers to the need for inkjet printers to print on special transfer paper.

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