Velcro Generated From Life

- Jan 20, 2018-

In the fall of 1948, Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral (1908-1990) went hunting outside. At noon, he sat on the picnic in the grass, felt something very painful. He quickly stood up, turned out to be sitting on the burdock, the clothes and the hound were covered with burdock. After returning home, he spent a long time without removing all the thorns from his clothes and from the hounds. He curiously wondered why the burdock fruit had such a great deal of adhesion. Under the microscope, he found countless small hooks on the burdock fruit. Does he think the structure of Burdock is not a convenient buckle? Curiosity inspired his creative desire. After six months of testing, he finally created a new type of buckle on the A-cloth There are many hooks on the weave, many small balls on the B cloth, just sticking them lightly together. This is the "wagrow."

"Wagro" was soon introduced to the whole world, and it was continuously improved. Its name has also become a variety of law, there are: "Velcro" Velcro "AB buckle" "buckle" What Moxibustion Velcro has now pervasive into our lives as long as you Careful observation reveals that Velcro is now visible everywhere in clothes, shoes and computer bags. "Buttons were gradually replaced by the invention of zippers, and now zippers and buttons are being replaced by Velcro. Velcro has been widely used in shoes and apparel, medical, electronics, aviation, military and other fields, the rapid development of the market, the rapid growth immeasurable.

The first patent was registered in Switzerland in 1951. After eight years of research, it achieved the bulk production of Velcro. Nowadays, the Velcro tape has become one of the most important 50 inventions of the 20th century.

Other names for Velcro:

To AB deduction based: AB deduction

Velcro-based: Velcro, Velcro, Mody affixed, the devil James, Devil felt, magic belt.

Velcro mainly: Velcro, nylon Velcro, male and female buckle belt, buckle belt, the child with buckle, Velcro, nylon cufflinks, buckle, Velcro, Velcro, etc. . (Note: The above is the main name for Velcro in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.)

Different Names of Velcro:

VelcroTape, Fasten, FastenTape, Nylon Fasten Tape, Magic Tape, Hook-Loop

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