How To Choose The Button Correctly?

- Jan 21, 2018-

 For many garment manufacturers, due to the expansion of the use of the purchase of buttons often go wrong. As a heavy industry in the garment accessories industry, the supply of buttons in the market is also growing. Good button products are often not the best match with the application, not only lost the value of clothing, but also reduce the value of the use of buttons. As a professional button manufacturer, YiLang Label will be for you to purchase manufacturers tell about the purchase of different clothing buttons need to pay attention to some of the problems.

1, thin and light fabrics should choose what type of fastener?

For some light texture of clothing, with the fasteners often with ABS gold-plated pieces as the main body, and choose some nylon inserts or epoxy glue to enhance the color of the buttons. Such buttons are relatively stable color, and lightweight texture, making the button is not easy to easily broken.

2, a reasonable choice of buttons

For different materials, the choice of fastener is also different. Due to improper selection of fastener types, it is easy to fabric damage or fasteners pull off. Like some knitted fabrics, the fabric is characterized by flexibility, and fabric density is relatively large, in the choice of metal fasteners, pay attention to the shape of the convergence of the site changes. Therefore, the choice of knitted fabric fasteners tend to use large-size or single-tube shape of the fastener, so the fastener will increase the force point, and difficult to pull the fabric.

Four Holes Dome Metal Sew On Button