How to test the strength of the zipper?

- Apr 20, 2018-

The pull tab pulls the strong force to combine: It is the extreme force that pulls the tab to pull apart from the vertical opposite direction of the slider body.

Flat Pull Force: The ultimate force that exerts lateral pressure on the fastener elements and tape under specified conditions.

Flat-pull strength: It is applied horizontally at the open end of the fastener chain, causing it to open the ultimate force that destroys the open end.

Displacement force of single tooth: refers to the ultimate force applied to a single element along the slippage of the tape.

Pull-tab pull-out resistance: Under the specified conditions, the torque that can withstand the ultimate torsional failure between the slider body and the pull tab.

Pull lightness: Under the specified conditions, pull the zipper with maximum force.

Load pull times: the number of times the zipper can reciprocate under the specified horizontal and vertical tensions.

The tensile strength of the slider is: under the specified conditions, the force at the time of the opening deformation of the upper and lower plates of the slider engagement opening is generated.

The self-locking force of the slider: refers to the limited force that the automatic lock puller or the needle lock puller can withstand the reverse pulling force of the two sides of the fastener chain after the fastener is locked on the zipper.

Down force: The force exerted on the two links through the slider to the bottom stop, so that the ultimate force of the bottom slip damage.

Upper stop strength: refers to the limit force that pulls the slider over the top stop or moves the top stop from the ribs.

Socket displacement force: the ultimate force to pull the socket from the chain with a longitudinal pull off damage.