How to maintain the heat transfer T shirt?

- Nov 20, 2017-

1, T-shirt just after the stamp will have a little hard feeling, after washing you will become more soft. (Newly processed T-shirts need to be washed after 2 days.)

2, do not rub the T-shirt (heat transfer) pattern surface (heat transfer pattern surface material will not attach dirt).

3, do not use detergent containing bleach wash. Wash with warm or cold water below 40 ° C.

4, it is best not to wash with a washing machine, wash with a washing machine to reverse the pattern that side then wash. After washing, remove immediately from the washing machine, do not use the dryer to dry.

5, when washing do not scrub the neckline part too vigorously to avoid neckline deformation.

6, drying time, the hanger only from the hem of the clothes stretched into the place, must not be forced directly into the neckline from the collar to avoid the collar after the loss of flexibility to relax.

7, to dry naturally, do not heat transfer T-shirt in the sun exposure.

8, if the clothes need ironing, drying can be used in steam ironing (including elastic fibers can not be ironed to avoid damaging the elastic fiber structure, affect the flexibility of clothing), do not direct ironing on the pattern.

9, after ironing, do not stuffed the clothes into a small space, available hanger hanging or flat, in order to maintain the smooth shape of clothing.