How to Identify YKK Zipper?

- May 30, 2018-

 The amount of YKK is relatively large, and there are quite a number of situations that are copied. It is good to identify the good ones. If a good dress uses a fake zipper, that piece of clothing is certainly false. In general, there are no problems if you look at the following aspects:

1 In general, YKK clothes are used with more emphasis on workmanship, and the price is more expensive than the average brand. If YKK is used for cheap clothes, it may be fake in general. The clothing used in a large specialty store is generally used by YKK.

2 good outdoor clothing If you use the YKK zipper, the main clothing zipper are generally self-locking type (the pull-tab and the slider is connected to the lid part is active), pockets and internal zipper generally do not have a self-locking device . If the main clothing zipper does not have a self-locking device it may be false.

3 From the technical point of view, really YKK material is relatively thick, the appearance is relatively smooth, beautiful printing (concave or convex) font is used in a certain, but false YKK font body what, and the printing is not fuzzy Clear, or fine strokes, uneven pressure, there are obvious processing defects. There are many factors involved in the surface plating problem, and it is difficult for the raw ones to discern.

4 If it is a genuine YKK, besides YKK, there will be other relevant information. The key locations will also have very small Y or YKK stamped words, and it is very standardized. Fake is generally only YKK, but good imitations are also printed in full.

5 The teeth of real nylon, resin, and invisible YKK zippers are very difficult to see from the naked eye and the fake, and it is best to distinguish them from the slider and the pull tab. The difference between metal teeth is relatively large, YKK uses square tooth technology, the fakes I have seen are all scalloped, but the square teeth are not unique to YKK.

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