How to identify all kinds of leather

- Dec 18, 2017-

 For all kinds of leather, the main is to observe the pores on the leather.Fashion leather is mainly pores and floor, can be observed from the leather section identification.

 Sheep leather surface in the semicircular arc arranged two to four pores, surrounded by a large number of fine hair pores.White leather thin, soft, small pores, was oblate, composed of several pores arranged in a group, far apart from the eye.Because the leather surface is not smooth, leather surface appears rough, poor flexibility, generally after shave use.

 Cattle leather pores small, round, evenly distributed and close to the pores than the straight stretch inside, leather fullness, light, soft skin, fine spinning, strong, feel solid and flexible.

Buffalo leather leather surface uneven, rough surface of some, more coarse pores scarce, generally do not do it leather and soles.

 Horse leather pores were oval, leather hole than cowhide, oblique into the leather was the pulse shape, leather soft and loose, dark and shiny color as cattle leather.

 Leather from the appearance to feel similar to leather, but no pores, the floor of non-animal skin, is the use of knitted fabrics processed synthesis.

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