How to check the zipper is normal?

- Jan 04, 2018-

 Zipper is to make the goods merge or separate the connector, is to rely on the continuous arrangement of the elements. Nowadays, zippers have been widely used in garments, bags, tents, shoes and other places.

 General zipper has two pieces of chain, zipper by the chain, slider, limit code (code before and after) or locking parts and other components. One element is the key part of the chain, each with a chain of each chain has a series of elements, two elements staggered with each other. Slider holding both sides of the element, with the pull of glide, you can make the two sides of the elements meshing or disengaged.

How to check the zipper is normal?

1, the angle of 60 or so, opened two zipper tape, pull pulling speed moderate, if the slider does not glide, said the slider self-locking is good, otherwise it means no self-locking or self-locking strength is not enough, pull the flap perpendicular to the pull Pull up the body surface, the cap firmly.

2, the slider sliding smooth, pull the slider back and forth mobile flexible, no beating or locking feeling, with particular attention to the slider in the top, bottom and jack at the start of accessibility.

3, flap flap flap in the range of 180 degrees, turning flexible.

4, insert the cannula into the tube seat or pull out the cannula, flexible and accessible.

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