How is zipper sewn on clothes?

- Dec 03, 2017-


 When sewing zipper, we need to make some preparations in advance, in order to achieve better results. When loading the zipper, the length of the zipper varies according to the need. No matter what the required length, it is recommended that the selected zipper length is slightly longer than the actual length required. After the zipper is installed, clear the extra parts.

 Before the zipper is installed, it is best to put some adhesive lining on the zipper. Especially when sewing light or unstable fabrics, use a thinner stick with a length of 1 inch and a length equal to the zipper Lining, the sewing effect and appearance will be of great help.


Hidden form 

 Hidden is an easy and fast method of loading a zipper because it eliminates the need for fake lines and front lines and uses invisible zipper feet that pull the trolley as close as possible to the zipper teeth to achieve a frontal view Is the zipper "disappear" in the piece of clothing invisible effect.


 In the sewing of the first piece of zipper before loading zipper, decompression zipper before the first zipper with iron as low as possible ironing, zipper can not be closed when installed zipper.


 Invisible zipper installed two kinds of presser foot, one is a unilateral presser foot, the other is a grooved presser foot, when loading presser foot pay attention to position, unilateral presser foot so that the needle against the presser foot edge, the use of grooved pressure Feet, to make for the quasi-pressure in the middle of the gap, so that the zipper teeth in the groove run.


 When loading the zipper, first install the zipper on the left, from the top to the bottom until the zipper end, and then from the bottom, the other side of the zipper, pay attention to a high degree of consistency, the zipper stitches as close as possible zipper teeth, the car to the appropriate Position, and then complete the piece of clothing can be edited.



 5/8 inch sewing machine seat seam, together with the sewing thread with a fake thread zipper mouth, and then open the seam, the closure of the front face of the zipper to place the opposite side of the clothing, the zipper to the right of the cloth The edge is aligned with the seam edge of the garment. Use a 1/4-inch seam to secure the zipper and seam seams, be careful not to catch the garment and flip the zipper to the front, along the seams or as close as possible to the seams On the other side, open the fabric again with the garment facing up, from the 3/8 inch wide open front of the zipper to the top, then remove the false seams.


 This will make the zipper smoothly sewn on the garment without leaving a gap. It is recommended that you start the stitching as close as possible to the end of the zipper and then sew the notches manually or completely with the machine or use a zipper foot to achieve the best possible closure.