Food Plastic Packaging Bags

- May 05, 2018-

 Food plastic bags are often used in people's lives, but they must be used with caution. Some plastic bags are poisonous and cannot be used to directly hold food.

First, with the eye observation method

The non-toxic plastic bag is white, transparent or slightly transparent, and the texture is uniform. The toxic plastic bag is colored or white, but it has poor transparency, is relatively turbid, and the plastic surface is unevenly stretched with small particles.

Second, listen with your ears

When the plastic bag is shaken by hand, the clear and crisp sound indicates that it is a non-toxic plastic bag; and the sound is small and stuffy and it is a toxic plastic bag.

Third, touch the hand

Touching the surface of the plastic bag by hand is smooth and non-toxic; sticky, astringent, and waxy are toxic.

Fourth, use your nose to smell

Non-toxic plastic bags are odorless; there are irritating odors or abnormal tastes that are toxic.

Fifth, the submergence test method

Put the plastic bag into the water and press it by hand to the bottom of the water. Wait for a while. The surface of the bag is a non-toxic plastic bag, and it is a toxic plastic bag that sinks under the water.

Sixth, combustion method

The non-toxic plastic bag is flammable, the tip of the flame is yellow, and the part is blue. When it burns, it falls like a candle tears. It has a paraffin-like taste. The toxic plastic bag is not flammable. It is extinguished from the fire. The tip of the flame is yellow or black. The bottom is green, softened, and can smell a pungent odor.