Faded clothes fabric

- Mar 12, 2018-

It is very difficult to wash away clothes that are faded and stained with other clothes. What kind of fabric will be easier to fade? The discoloration phenomenon is regular. According to the clothing of some clothes, some of them will fade, and some will not fade if they are washed. Textiles woven from natural fibers are more likely to lose color than textiles of chemical fibers (especially synthetic fibers). That is, cotton, linen, silk, wool textiles than nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc. easy to fade.

Among them, silk fabrics and cotton fabrics are particularly susceptible to discoloration; secondly, textiles with relatively heavy colors and textiles with bright colors tend to fade. That is to say, black, dark, big red, brilliant green, bright blue, brilliant purple, etc. are easy to fade; and those light colors and some relatively dark colors of textiles are not easy to fade.

Also, loose textiles tend to fade more than dense textiles. That is to say, coarse yarns, loose structures, and relatively heavy textiles are easy to fade; for example, woolen fabrics, coarse wool yarns, and heavy silk fabrics. Those finely woven fabrics are not easy to fade.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that if a bright red-purple and thick pure wool coat is almost inevitable to fade. The same acrylic coat will not fade. Another example is a black silk dress that will fade when washed, and the same polyester dress will hardly fade.

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