Clothing Packing Bag

- Apr 26, 2018-

 Garment packing bags are widely used in shirts, knitting, clothing, textiles and other industries. It is mainly used to hold clothes. Some brand clothing has its own garment packing bag. Therefore, the garment packing bag is also a good advertising platform.

 Garment packing bags use in shopping malls, stores, brand clothing stores and so on.

 Garment packing bags are generally plastic garment packing bags and non-woven garment packing bags. Non-woven clothing packing bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic clothing bags, but they are also slightly more expensive.

 The design of garment packing bags is generally customized according to the requirements of garment companies and is conducive to corporate branding. With the love of novelties, the appearance of clothing packing bags has become more and more diverse.

Custom Logo Size Frosted Plastic Zipper Packing Bag