Clothing accessories hang tablets knowledge on demand

- Nov 21, 2017-

(Sling) is mainly used for hanging clothing tag, which is the link between clothing and clothing tag (clothing trademark, clothing brand logo, washing logo, price tag, etc.). Hanging tablets (slings) as an integral part of apparel trademark clothing accessories, a good tag, hanging tablets with clothing accessories to better reflect the design taste and highlight the effect of apparel brand, which is mainly composed of rope, fork , Plastic body, logo, hot color of several parts.

Hanging tablets picture

Application of hanging tablets:

Hanging tablets and more for clothing, there are some brand watches, bags, shoes and hats, jewelry, umbrellas and other products need to hang on the label.

Granulation process components:

Early hanging tablets (slings) from some simple cotton rope, hemp rope, nylon rope, braided rope tied knot ring use, can not achieve the brand highlights and special effects, after the aluminum shell plus printed paper stamping , But the shape is simple, easy hooking hooks clothing, most of the injection molding process is used, the material is mostly two-in-one word hanging tablets

PS, ABS, etc., nylon rope for the rope, polyester rope, cotton rope, etc.

Hanging tablets classification

The main categories of hanging tablets are divided into: a molding hanging tablets, two in one hanging tablets, three in one hanging tablets, four in a hanging tablets, core pulling tablets, aluminum tablets hanging tablets, ribbon hanging tablets, Ribbon deduction, rope deduction , Rope bar, etc .; One of the molding, combos, triple, quadruple hanging tablets can be divided into: double fork hanging tablets, single fork hanging tablets, without fork hanging tablets.

According to the shape is roughly divided into: rectangular, square, round, cylindrical, oval and other regular shapes, but also can be customized into a variety of shapes, but three in one, four in one, aluminum and other custom shape more cost high. By plastic color can be divided into: monochrome hanging tablets, two-color hanging tablets, three-color hanging tablets. According to loogo color can be divided into: hot stamping (refers to all kinds of hot-rolled aluminum foil) hanging tablets, hot hang tablets, hang hanging tablets, drop plastic hanging tablets, including printing and Disu color more rich, free to modulate, but the cost Slightly higher, slightly longer production cycle, currently commonly used bronzing process.

Note: Most of the above categories can be cross-linked with a whole hanging tablets, such as: Combo round two-color gilding hanging tablets; Ribbon buckle, rope buckle, rope buckle and other buckle products for the relatively simple single product, And color combinations are complex and changeable, after all, some low-cost clothing or women's clothing, shirts, underwear, the ideal choice.

Hanging tablets by style

Hanging tablets by clothing style can also be roughly classified as:

1, spring and summer hanging tablets - more fresh and fresh colors, simple appearance, and more use of combo, triple and other smaller shape hanging tablets or buckles.

2, autumn and winter hanging tablets - shape specifications slightly larger, more complex process, the use of more stable color colors, such as black, coffee, red, dark green, navy blue and so on.

3, casual wear hanging tablets - the use of complex but simple shape hanging tablets, rope buckle, ribbon buckle, ribbon hanging tablets, etc., the color of the use of khaki, coffee, beige and so on.

4, suit hanging tablets - shape and use of rectangular, square and oval and other three-in-one hanging tablets, some high-end clothing to prevent the fade also uses Epoxy to protect the process.

5, trousers hanging tablets - more use of small size cradles and rope buckle, the color is relatively simple, such as black, blue and so on.

6, shirt hanging tablets - similar to the spring and summer.

7, jacket hanging tablets - and fall and winter wear and casual wear similar.

8, women hanging tablets - smaller shape, but a certain modeling process, bright colors, such as red, yellow, light green and so on.

9, children's clothing hanging tablets - complex and changeable appearance, vivid colors, such as sky blue, pink, grass green and so on.

10, underwear hanging tablets - the general use of thin line buckle, rope bar, gun needles, materials and processes are mostly environmentally friendly technology.