Classification of natural leather

- Nov 22, 2017-

 All kinds of animal skins, skins and other dermis thicker than the original skin, tannin tannin or potassium dichromate by chrome tanning, alum tanning, tanning and other methods of oil production of mature leather, as clothing materials have been used for a long time History. Clothing leather is mainly garment leather and shoe leather, and more to pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, deerskin as the main raw material leather, in addition to fish leather, reptile leather is also used for garment decoration leather and luggage processing production . Various types of leather to take the table below. At present, several of our common leather is:

1. Bovine leather is characterized by the structural characteristics of dermal tissue fiber bundles perpendicular to each other staggered or slightly inclined into a network of staggered, solid and compact, so the strength of the larger, wear-resistant folding. Granular pores fine, scattered, uniform, the surface smooth, polished high brightness, and good air permeability, is an excellent clothing material. Commonly used in bags of materials, sports shirts, footwear and purses and so on.

2. The structural features of pigskin pigskin leather structure is rough, and irregular, hair root deep and through the cortex to the fat layer, so leather pores have air permeability better than cowhide, but the cortex rough, poor elasticity. Uneven grain surface, large pores and deep, obviously a handful of three points is the unique style of pig leather. Mainly used in footwear industry.

3. Goat leather skin is thinner, the dermis layer of fiber cortex thinner, arranged in parallel on the surface more, the organization more closely, so the surface has a strong luster, and breathable, pliable, fast. Granular pores were oblate oblique into the leather, coarse grain upward convex, a few pores arranged in a fish scale. Used to make jackets, sports tops and more.

4. Sheep leather Sheep leather is characterized by thin epidermis, leather fiber bundles intertwined, finished leather smooth, extensibility and flexibility better, but the intensity is slightly worse. Widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, backpacks and so on.

5. Horse leather is slightly thicker than cow leather, especially the cortex behind the back part of the fine solid, can be used to make shoes. The oval slightly larger pores, oblique into the leather, the formation of wavy arrangement. Horse leather less used in clothing.

 In addition, deer leather, snake leather, crocodile leather, etc. are often used in clothing and decorative clothing.