Classification Terms of Woven Label

- Jun 02, 2018-

The Classification of Woven Label

1, according to the organization:

     Can be divided into plain, twill, satin;

     Plain weave can be divided into ordinary plain weave, heavy plain weave and square plain weave;

     Twill can be divided into plane twill, satin twill;

     Satin can be divided into 5 satin and 8 satin.

2, according to the secret division:

     Can be divided into flat, satin, fake satin.

3, by the weft dense division:

     It can be divided into normal weft density, high latitude density and low latitude density.

4, according to the warp color to distinguish:

     Can be divided into black warp yarn, white warp yarn, mixed warp yarn, color warp yarn,

     Transparent warp yarn.

5, distinguish by warp type:

     Can be divided into light warp yarn, matt warp yarn and double-stranded polyester shrink yarn and other weaving gongs.

6, according to weaving machine type:

     Can be divided into wooden shuttle weaving gongs, hook needle woven gongs (edge machine), burning edge weaving gongs.

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